Additional Services

Along with attending the Offices of the High Court and the various courts, we also offer the following services:

  • Attendance at the Companies Office as required
  • Attendance at Embassies
  • Attendance at the Office of Foreign Affairs
  • Attendance at An Bord Pleanala
  • Attendance at the Valuation Office
  • Attendance to take up Loan Cheques
  • Collection of Documents
  • Title Documents taken-up
  • Subpoenas served on Government Department
  • Service of Documents
  • Attendance with clients at Commissioners
  • Attendance at Closing of Sales
  • Attendance on clients
  • Collection of boxes
  • Delivery of boxes
  • Special Attendance
  • Binding
  • Stationery for binding Documents
  • Photocopying

To find out about more about the additional services we offer, please contact:

Aylish Morrissey