Judgments Office

Pearts provide an extensive array of services regarding Judgments. We provide
advice on registering the following documents:

  • Judgment Sets
  • Registrations of Judgments
  • Judgment Mortgage Affidavits
  • Satisfaction Pieces/Memoranda and Certificates of Satisfaction on the Registry of Judgments
  • Lis Pendens registrations/cancellations
  • Deed Polls

We can provide templates of each of the above on request.

Pearts will perform a cursory inspection of the papers to ensure that they are in the correct format before lodging.

When the papers have been signed off by the Central Office they are collected and returned at the earliest possible opportunity.

Please note that papers filed in the Central Office are dealt with on a strict “first come first serve” basis and cannot be expedited.

For more information, such as expected waiting times for each type of document, please contact: agency@pearts.ie