High Court

The below list covers all the more usual attendances required, but you can assume that any attendances required by you, can be looked after- even at very short notice.

We attend the following Courts as part of our High Court Service:

  • The Master’s Court
  • The Common Law Motion lists
  • The Commercial Court
  • The Non-Jury and Chancery Motion lists
  • The callover of the Chancery/ Non-Jury lists
  • Lists to explain delay
  • The Dublin Personal Injury callover list
  • The Family Law Motion list
  • The various ex-parte lists, including Infant and Fatal Rulings and Judicial Review
  • Solicitor’s Act matters
  • The callover lists for all country venues whenever they arise
  • All Judicial Review lists
  • The Wards of Court list
  • The Central Criminal Court as required, whether for a bail motion or a full hearing of a case
  • Court of Criminal Appeal
  • The Probate Court
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Examiner’s Court
  • The Garda Compensation list
  • The Circuit Appeal list
  • The Asylum list

For further information, contact: agency@pearts.ie