Office of the Dublin Circuit Court

With the gradual increase in the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court in recent years and with further increase inevitable in the foreseeable future, this is an area of work with which we are dealing more and more. As with other Courts, our Circuit Court staff are fully conversant with all aspects of Circuit Court procedure. Our qualified solicitors and legal team will attend with the various listings, including before the County Registrar and the Repossessions List; the President, for the callovers and all other Circuit Court attendances.

We attend all procedural matters, such as:-

  • Issuing and serving Civil Bills
  • Appearances, Lodgements, Notices of Trial
  • Notices of Motion, including attending your Counsel.
  • Moving Applications as may be required by you.
  • Attending consultations.
  • Attending the circuit Criminal Court (including Legal Aid cases)
  • Lodging Judgement papers and Judgement Mortgage Affidavits
  • Taking up Orders, Drafts etc.
  • Attending on the County Registrar as may be required
  • Attending Callover Lists

For further information, contact:           

Jessica Kelly