A Week-Long Callover of Article 64 Appeals Begins 30th April

During the week of Monday the 30th April 2018 will there will be a callover of Article 64 appeals transferred from the Supreme Court to the Court of Appeal which are not otherwise listed for directions or for hearing in the Court of Appeal.


The callover will commence on Monday the 30th April 2018 at 9am and will run for the full week. There will be two separate lists published for each day, the first list will commence at 9am and the second list will not be heard before 10am, with approximately 50 cases appearing in each.


The purpose of this list is to establish which of these Appeals are still live. Where the Court is advised that the Appeal is live, The Court will give directions in relation to filing Submissions and transfer the Appeal into a list to fix dates for next November. Cases in which there is no appearance will be struck out.

The Office of the Court of Appeal will notify the solicitors for the Applicant and Respondent advising them of the listings. However, as all of these Appeals pre-date 2014, the Legal Representation for the parties may have changed in the interim and the Court of Appeal Office would not be aware of any such change.

The full list of Article 64 Appeals being called over during the week of the 30th April is available on the Courts website and appears by date and time of listing. We would suggest that you check the online diary for the full list of Article 64 Appeals that are being called over.

For any further enquiries please email kmcdonnell@pearts.ie or jcleary@pearts.ie.