Article 64 Callover Update

The Court of Appeal office has given notice that a callover of the list will take place on the 3rd April 2019 at 10 o’clock, Court no 1 in the Court of Appeal Building. 

The list will comprise of appeals where submissions of the appellant have been lodged pursuant to directions given at the callover lists in Easter term 2018, together with any other appeals in the List to Fix Dates deferred from the 8th November 2018.

To assist in alleviating the backlog of appeals in the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court will again likely give favourable consideration to applications to reverse, in certain specific cases, the direction which had the effect of transferring those appeals to the Court of Appeal. Appeals returned to the Supreme Court under this arrangement will be listed for hearing on the days between the 19th June 2019 and the 28th June 2019.

For further details please see the notice published on the Courts website dated the 25th March 2019 here.

The full list of the appeals which will be called is available in the Legal Diary here.

For further information please contact Karen Mc Donnell ( or Judith Cleary ( of this office.