Best Wishes to Karen Mc Donnell and Joey Kirwan on their Recent Retirement!   


Karen Mc Donnell

After 36 years of working for Pearts Solicitors and Town Agents, Karen Mc Donnell has officially retired. Along with her role as Office Manager, Karen had particular responsibility for Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Examiner’s Office and Bankruptcy Court matters. She also advised generally on all aspects of Civil Litigation and Practice and Procedure. Having been a key member of the Pearts ‘family’ since 1984, it is not suprising that Karen maintained excellent relations with the Courts Service Staff and Management and with our solicitor clients countrywide.

Karen McDonnellNot only was Karen very dedicated to her role in the Agency, but she was highly pro-active in other aspects of the legal sphere as well. Since 2004 she has been a member of the Supreme and High Courts Civil User Group and the Examiner’s Office and Official Assignee’s Office Customer Focus Group and was appointed a Commissioner for Oaths in 2011. She is the co-author of Civil Procedure in the Circuit Court (2nd Edition) published by Thomson Reuters in November 2013, winner of the DSBA Practical Law Book of the Year, 2014. And, in 2013, at the invitation of the President of the Law Society of Ireland, Karen joined the Litigation Committee of the Law Society and frequently contributed to the many discussions surrounding Civil Litigation.

Karen was a hardworking, loyal member of the team whose absence will be felt by all. We want to thank her for her commitment to the company and wish her all the best in her retirement. We have no doubt that this next chapter will be filled with plenty of adventure and fun!


Joey Kirwan

Joey joined Pearts Solicitors and Town Agents in 1979. Having spent just over forty years working for the business, and in particular in the area of Chancery and Civil Litigation for 36 years, there is no denying the fact that Joey was an experienced and much-respected member of the firm.

Joseph KirwanAssisted by his capable team, Joey managed all of the Court listings, the extensive Masters Court filings and listings as well as all of the Common Law Court filings and listings.  He was also a reliable member of the Senior Management Team alongside Karen, and John Byrne.

Joey was most noted for his meticulous attention to detail and his willingness to happily answer any worries or queries that you may have in these areas. His calm nature and ability to assist with urgent matters will certainly be missed!

We hope he enjoys his new found freedom and wish to thank him for his dedication to Pearts over the forty plus years.

Happy Retirement Karen & Joey!