COVID-19 Update 1st April 2020

Essential Town Agency Services Now Available

We are delighted to confirm that as and from today, 1st April 2020, we are open again for Town Agency business, albeit somewhat limited due to the restrictions in place by both the Government and the Courts Service of Ireland.

Having put strict protocols in place for the health and safety of the small team of staff who will be in the office, for short periods, and operating strictly under the official guidelines, we will be in a position to process your essential/urgent matters.

While somewhat curtailed by the new operational restrictions, we will endeavour to operate in the very best way we can, for you, and we are hopeful that what service we can offer, will be of assistance to you.

We cannot guarantee a 24-hour turn around as we usually try to do but we would be hoping to have completed work back to you as soon as practicable.


Dedicated Email Contact

In a further effort to assist you while you yourselves are in lockdown or are working from home, we will continue to provide support remotely, by way of our dedicated email query service.

This will be monitored by John Byrne and he will either be able to direct your query to another staff member with the expertise you need, who will reply or will give you a callback, or he will be able to deal with the query himself.

All email queries for online advice, for the moment, should be sent to

For some guidance on specific areas of our current service, please see here.

In the end, we are all in this together and anything at all that we can do to keep your practices open, where at all possible, we will do.

Your continued support and understanding are very much appreciated.