NOTICE: Changes in the Process for Obtaining Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration from September 2020.

From Friday the 4th of September the Probate Office will no longer accept applications with CA24s.

Under the new rules of the Superior Court (Order No 79 & 80) to be signed off by the President of the High Court, an online form SA.2. (Probate) will have to be completed via ROS (Revenue on-line System), in lieu of the CA24. The information notice issued by the Probate Office and Revenue Commissioners can be found online here.

The deadline for acceptance of the old CA24 form is the 4th of September, however, the new SA.2 will not be online until mid-September (date to be confirmed).

We have been advised by the probate office that applications presented and queried in advance of the 4th will be accepted in their current format after that date. We would advise all Practitioners where possible to send applications for lodging to us by 28th August 2020 to ensure sufficient time for us to check, stamp, and lodge in the Probate Office.

Once the new rules have been signed off by the President of the High Court and the new form is online, the Notice of Acknowledgement, when issued by Revenue should then be forwarded to us with all other required documents to issue the grant.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please contact Jessica Cullen or Jessica Kelly of our office.