NOTICE RE: Cork Personal & Fatal Injuries List, (Monday 16th May 2022 to Friday 27th May 2022)

There will be a Positive callover of all cases set down for the Cork Personal and Fatal Injuries List on Thursday 28th April 2022 remotely at 10.30 am before Ms Justice Butler to fix dates for the Easter Sittings commencing on the 16th May 2022. This will be a Positive callover for all matters which were set down for trial prior to the 27th October 2020, where there is no Appearance by either party the Notice of Trial will be struck out.

Please see the list here; Cork Callover List

As noted in the List any case set down prior to the 27th October 2020 which is not ready for hearing may have the Notice of Trial struck out. In keeping with previous provincial Callovers any adjournment applications for matters set down prior to the 27th October 2020 must have a compelling reason for the adjournment, i.e “Discovery outstanding” will not be accepted.

If you require us to attend or make an application on your behalf you should forward your instructions to reach us no later than 1.00pm on Wednesday the 27th April 2022. No instructions will be taken on the morning of the callover.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please contact Edel Purcell of our Office at