NOTICE RE: Dublin Circuit Civil Court – County Registrar Lists from 2nd December 2020

Practitioners, please note the following for Civil Motions:
  1. The consent email address cannot be used for ruling on consent County Registrar Motions listed for hearing on or after 2nd December 2020 and all applications for orders on consent from that date forward must now be made in court when the motion is listed for hearing.
  2. Attend court at the appointed/designated time as there are no waiting facilities. There will not be a second call due to the current restrictions.
  3. Only one representative for each par
    ty to attend court, who must be able to deal with the matter.
  4. The parties must leave court and take all belongings at the expiry of the allotted time.
  5. All affidavits and exhibits must be filed in the Circuit Court Civil Office NOT LATER THAN 72 hours prior to the hearing. The moving party must lodge in the Civil Office a clean, complete,  indexed and paginated book of pleadings and proceedings for the court for the applica
    tion NOT LATER THAN 72 hours prior to the hearing. Documents will not be accepted in Court. When filing documents for upcoming court attendance ensure the Court Office is notified of the correct record number, date and time of hearing of the matter.
  6. Where a party to the Motion is a lay litigant the solicitor for the other party must inform the lay litigant of the hearing date and time.

Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance.