Notice regarding County Registrar Lists for January 2021

The County Registrar, Rita Considine, has stated that the following is the situation regarding County Registrar business:

  1. Applications for the appointment of Care Representative pursuant to section 21 of the Nursing Home Support Scheme Act 2009 will proceed as scheduled in staggered hearings. Please check the legal diary for the venue.
  2. Taxation of Costs listed for 22 February 2021 will proceed as VMR hearing except those cases not suitable for VMR hearings.
  3. VMR hearings listed 2 February 2021 will proceed as listed and scheduled.
  4. Urgent Marriage exemption applications will continue to be heard in line with the procedure adopted since March 2020.
  5. All other Civil Motions lists and civil matters, Possession Civil Bill lists, Family Law motion lists, Family Law list to fix dates and Family Law case progression listed between 29 January 2021 and 5th March 2021 (both dates inclusive) stand adjourned for dates to be fixed and the next available date will be fixed in due course.
  6. The County Registrar will be available to hear urgent matters where necessary and parties should contact the Dublin Circuit Court Office to arrange the same.

Please read the notice in full on the Courts Service website here.