Your Town Agent

Professional, Easily Accessible Resource, that you…Trust.

Why do we do what we do?

Such a simple question, that possibly holds the most important key to the future of our business. Knowing where we came from will ultimately inform us of where we need to be.

In 1883, when a solicitor called Richard MacNamara opened his law practice, he could hardly have guessed that some 135 years later, his great-granddaughter would be here today holding out the same values, the same belief and the same passion for the business, as no doubt he had himself, at the time.

What we do for you now is a million miles away from what Richard, followed by his son-in-law, John R. Peart and followed on again by his grandson, Denis R. Peart, (my Father) and then my brother, Michael, did for their clients all those years ago. How we do it, is unrecognisable from how the Town Agency Services were carried out then. But why we do it, why we get up every morning, tog out in our suits and ties and carry our briefcases and turn up for work, is exactly the same.

Why do we do what we do?

Why we do it: the most important component of all, has not, nor will it change, because we believe in what we do. We care about what we do.

No law firm can operate without staff of some kind, to carry out the routine tasks that ensure that from receiving an instruction from a client to delivering a result for which he can get paid, the process is managed and kept on track at all times.

The reality is that most of these processes except for District and Circuit Court matters, must be carried out in Dublin: In the Four Courts and the various other Government Offices.

By engaging the services of a Town Agent, this work happens seamlessly and in the hands of experts who understand how the wheels of legal commerce turn. In short, we become an extension of our client solicitor firm. Your firm.

The legal world moves fast. We have to keep up with changes in procedure; new legislation that will impact on the work we do for our clients; something as simple as a change in jurisdiction affects us hugely and we have to be ready for that. Our staff enjoy a close working relationship with the various Courts Service staff with whom they engage every day. This forms elements of trust and respect that are essential when it comes to completing even the simplest of tasks. Exchange of information and close co-operation is something in which we pride ourselves. You, our client firms, as you respond to challenges in the profession, need us to respond too. There might be a merger, a dissolution of a long-standing partnership or, as is happening all the time, new sole practitioner firms are springing up everywhere. These changes in business structures require a response from us. They all need services; they all need a Town Agent. So what can you expect from a Town Agency Service?

  • Ease of access to all Court offices
  • Professional team; Experts in Practice and Procedure
  • Materials Resource
  • Efficiency of service/cost-effective use of your time
  • Attention to detail; Follow up; Record-keeping

As a solicitor firm as well as a Town Agent, we are uniquely placed to do whatever it is that you need, and to complete that work with all of the expertise and professionalism that you would bring to the task yourself. Our history proves our track record.

The Way Forward

We continue to secure our place on the pathway of the rapidly changing landscape of Irish legal services. Maintaining our relevance is how we see our way forward. While we might look back fondly at the heady days of the 70’s when this writer cycled around the city on a blue bicycle delivering the ‘services’ as they were called, such inefficiency is no longer appropriate. There is a Document Exchange Delivery System for that.

We attend at User Groups provided by the Courts Service so that we can be part of the conversation for change. If the Rules Committee is looking at bringing about a process change, we want to know about it and, where possible, influence that change.

We keep up to date with precedents and court decisions and trends.

We believe in our unique position in the Irish legal world, and we recognise that if we can make a valuable contribution where decisions are made within the Courts Service, then you, the solicitors for whom we act, will have the best information, the most up to date information, and, most importantly, the right information.

With experience and know-how, we will attend, so you don’t have to, thereby releasing you to get on with the valuable work, of taking care of your business.