Re: Dublin Personal Injuries List

Consent applications for hearing dates in respect of the Dublin Personal Injury List will be taken by the Registrar each Friday commencing on the 17th July 2020. Where agreement is not possible applications on notice may be made by email and a date and time for a hearing (if deemed necessary by the Presiding Judge) will be notified. In light of the current circumstances parties are strongly encouraged to agree hearing dates. Please see link here below for further information.

From the week commencing 14th of July 2020 and going forward including September 2020, fifteen cases will be listed each day -Tuesday to Friday (to include 2 Specially Fixed cases). A remote call over will take place each morning at 10.15am and the cases will be allocated by lottery in the normal way (after the Specially Fixed cases have been assigned). Cases not assigned to a Judge for hearing on the day on which they are listed will roll over from day to day. Any cases not reached or commenced at the end of a week will be removed from the list and will require, in due course, an application to be made for a new hearing date in the usual manner. All Specially Fixed cases and cases afforded priority will retain priority over other cases

Please contact our Jonathan Hanlon at if you require our office to make an application on your behalf.