RE: Master of the High Court

Please note that the Master of the High Court shall resume hearings as and from Tuesday the 6th October 2020.

Matters which were adjourned generally from the 19th March 2020 onwards will be relisted in upcoming lists, please note that the Central Office of the High Court will not be notifying parties individually of the provisional date allocated to their proceedings. Practitioners should note that the return date allocated to parties by the Central Office may now not be the date by which the matter will be heard other than the 27th and 29th October 2020, 3rd  and 4th  November 2020 and parties are advised to check the listings to establish when a matter is scheduled for hearing.

The Master will hear the following matters from the 6th to the 9th October 2020. The lists from Tuesday 13th October to Thursday 12th November are available to view here.

If you require us to attend on your behalf, please forward an indexed and paginated book of pleadings to include a copy of your correspondence notifying the other party that the matter is listed.

Please contact our Helen Hanlon at if you have any further queries.