Please note, the President’s notice re Personal Injuries Actions at country venues during Level 5 of Covid 19 allows for a remote callover of cases on the last day of the planned sittings, which will be Friday the 27TH November 2020 in the case of the above Sessions PI sessions. The list is available here.

Consent orders can be made at this callover and infant and fatal cases ruled, as required.

For any infant/fatal cases that practitioners want ruled at this callover, papers must be sent in advance by email to the Registrar

Any cases that are not mentioned at this callover will remain in the list when these sessions are re-scheduled.

If you require us to attend and make an application on your behalf you should forward your instructions to our Jonathan Hanlon to reach us no later than 12pm on Thursday 26th November, this is to ensure that all applications are properly prepared and recorded by us in advance of the callover. Late instructions after this time must be followed up with a phone call to Jonathan to ensure that he will be in a position to deal with same. No instructions can be taken on the morning of the callover.