Sligo Personal Injuries List, Sittings (Monday 29th April 2024 to Wednesday 8th May 2024)

A Callover of all cases set down for the Sligo Personal Injury List will take place on Wednesday the 20th March 2024 on a hybrid basis before Mr Justice Barr at 10.30am. Please note as per the directions in the Callover where there is no appearance by either side the Notice of Trail may be struct out. The Registrar will sit at 10 am to deal with Consent Applications.

Please see the List here; Sligo PI Callover List

If you require us to attend or make an application on your behalf you should forward your instructions to reach us no later than 1.00pm on Tuesday the 19th March 2024. No instructions will be taken on the morning of the callover.

When forwarding instructions please ensure to include all the following information;

1. Title and List Number of the action.
2. The party for whom you act.
3. When the matter was set down.
4. If the application is on Consent of the other parties or on notice. (If on notice please advise the date on which they were notified of the application being made).
5. If an order is being sought please set out what is to happen with the Costs.
Please note as per previous provincial Callovers, the Court will be reluctant to adjourn matters and a convincing reason for an adjournment will be required regardless of if there is consent.

Instructions and enquiries should be forwarded to Jonathon Hanlon of this Office who can be contacted at