UPDATE RE: Dublin Circuit Family Court Before the County Registrar

Please note the following notice from the County Registrar regarding the Family Law Motions List:

Further to the previous statement of the President of the Circuit Court and due to the current provisions of the Health Act 1947 (Section 31A-Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) Regulations 2020, and in anticipation of the easing of Level 5 Covid -19 restrictions, the Family Law Motions which were previously adjourned by the County Registrar, will be listed for hearing in Court 33, Ground Floor, Aras Ui Dhalaigh, Inns Quay, Dublin 7 (capacity 9 persons), commencing on Thursday 20th May 2021 and thereafter on Wednesdays during Trinity Term 2021. The lists will be staggered/ in time slots. The start times of all applications will be published in the Legal Diary.

Arrangements are in place to ensure compliance with HSE distancing requirements and your cooperation is appreciated and expected. You should only attend Court at your scheduled time. The hearing will take place in accordance with public health and the Courts Service guidelines.


1. An indexed and paginated hard copy booklet of pleadings and proceedings and relevant copy documents to be relied upon at the hearing must be lodged in drop box in the Circuit Court Family Law Office NOT LATER THAN  5 working days prior to the hearing date. All documents so lodged clearly show the record number and name of the case, the hearing date and time so they can be associated with the relevant court file. Documents will not be accepted in court or by email.

2. Attend court at the appointed/designated time only as there are no waiting facilities.

3. The minimum number of necessary legal representatives for each party to attend court. The attendee must be able to deal with the matter.

4. Where a party to the motion/application is a litigant in person, the moving party must notify the litigant in person, in writing,  of the date time and venue for the hearing and proof of same must be included in the booklet for court.

5. Any litigant seeking an adjournment must attend in Court to make the application.

6. The parties must leave court and take all belongings after the expiry of the allotted time.

7. There will not be a second calling of motions.

8. Motions will not be transferred to the Judge for hearing on the same day.

Rita Considine
County Registrar Dublin
30th April 2021

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