Change of Callover Date in Respect of Sligo/Letterkenny Personal Injuries Callover

The callover for the Sligo/Letterkenny Personal Injuries list for the sessions commencing on the 4th May to the 14th May will now take place remotely on Thursday 15th April 2021Please see revised list here.

Please note that the Registrar will not take consent adjournments prior to list number SO 8020. Applications for any adjournments prior to list number SO 8020 shall be made to the Judge, in that regard this is in effect a positive callover up to number SO 8020. Mr. Justice Hanna will conduct the positive callover at 11.00am.
In accordance with the statement of the President of the High Court it is proposed to list 12 matters each day to enable the parties attempt to settle the claims and if they do not succeed in doing so that the cases will be adjourned to the next sessions. As set out in the Statement of the President “While routine personal injuries cases will not be heard until further notice, the cases listed for hearing on any given day will, having regard to the interests of justice and the Court’s own obligations to ensure that litigation is concluded in a timely manner, remain in the Court list on their allocated date in the expectation that the vast majority of these cases will be finalised by negotiation between the parties”.

If you require us to attend and make an application on your behalf you should forward your instructions to our Jessica Kelly at to reach us no later than 3pm on Friday 9th April, this is to ensure that all applications are properly prepared and recorded by us in advance of the callover. Late instructions after this time must be followed up with a phone call to Jessica to ensure that she will be in a position to deal with same. No instructions can be taken on the morning of the callover.