COVID-19 Update 22nd April 2020

Pearts continue to provide a scaled back Town Agency Service in line with the essential service guidelines set out by the Court Services while ensuring that we comply with all recent Government announcements and restrictions.

Our aim is to deal with essential/urgent work, as best we can. However, please be aware that our office hours may fluctuate from day to day and that we cannot guarantee that we will process your instructions on the day of receipt. Please note, our usual email address,  is now being monitored.

For precautionary reasons access to our office is restricted to staff members only and items sent to Pearts by DX or Post will not be opened for two days after receipt and thereafter the work will be processed following the safety guidelines we have put in place.

Areas of Work
In addition to the areas of work that we have been providing to date, we are now resuming  work in the following areas:

  • Setting actions down for trial in the High Court and in the Dublin Circuit Court.
  • Issuing High Court Motions and Motions returnable before the Master of the High Court.

At present, the return dates being allocated to these Motions are as follows;
*Common Law 11th May 2020
*Chancery and Non- Jury 22nd June 2020
*Master’s Court 23rd June

Please note: Due to Registered Post being returned not signed for, we are not attending to the service of Motions at this time.

  • The Probate Office resumed the process of issuing Grants and Letters of Administration as of Thursday the 16th April and we continue to provide a service of reviewing Probate papers and submitting the applications on your behalf.  All Probate papers submitted must be accompanied by the relevant Court Duty and at this time we are requesting that Probate fees be included with your letter of instructions. Alternatively, this can be done by electronic transfer of funds.  Fee cards are no longer accepted by the Probate Office on applications for Grants and the relevant fees should be impressed on the reverse side of the original Notice of Application.


  • The Central Office is operating an appointment system for the issue of urgent business as defined in recent Court Services announcements. Should you require us to make an appointment for the issue of essential documentation please contact us in advance of any deadline. You should enclose a letter addressed to the Registrar of the Central Office setting out the nature of the urgency and, if the matter is time-sensitive, the date of expiry of the Statute of Limitations must be identified.


  • Summonses for issue may be e-mailed to us and at this time we are requesting that when forwarding your instructions you also confirm either, that the Stamp Duty has been sent by EFT, or that an alternative arrangement has been agreed with our accounts department.

We will continue to review the services that we can provide in line with Government announcements and Court Services practice notes.

Court Duty

During this unprecedented time, we are requesting that when sending documentation to us for filing that you also arrange to discharge the Court Duty payable on the following documents:

  • Summons and Originating documents €190
  • Probate Applications for  the issue of a grant (see fees order for scaled duty)
  • Setting Downs for the Hight Court €310 and the Circuit Court €120
  • Appeals to Supreme Court and Court of Appeal €250

For all general enquiries please contact us on 01 8722311 or by e-mail to .