COVID-19 Update 7th April 2020

Essential/Urgent Work

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Pearts Solicitors & Town Agents is now operating a reduced service with limited staff numbers in line with both Government and Courts Service guidelines.

Our aim is to deal with essential/urgent work, as covered by the Courts Service Practice Directions as best we can.  However, please be aware that our office hours may fluctuate from day to day and that we can not guarantee that we will process your instructions on the day of receipt.

For all urgent matters please contact our office on our main number 01 8722311. If your call is not answered please leave your contact number and details in relation to your query and we will call you back as soon as we can or email


For precautionary reasons, items sent to Pearts by DX or Post will not be opened for two days after receipt and thereafter the work will be processed following the safety guidelines we have put in place.

For essential/urgent filings that must be processed on or before the 14th April we will request an appointment in the Court Offices to deal with same.  However, these documents must be received by us at least 2 days in advance of the deadline date.



Summonses that must be issued prior to the 5th May can be e-mailed to and should be sent in advance of the deadline date. To avoid duplication please do not send a hard copy of a Summons for issue if you have already e-mailed the Summons to us.



The Probate Office will start issuing Grants from Thursday 16 April. Solicitors who wish to issue Caveats must ensure that they are lodged in the Probate Office the day before the Grant issues. Solicitors must ensure that the appropriate fee note is attached to the Caveat. Please note that fee cards are no longer accepted when paying the Court Duty on Applications for the issue of a grant.  The appropriate Court Fees must be imprinted onto the reserve side of the Original Notice of Application.



During this unprecedented time, we are requesting that when you send documentation to us for filing that you arrange to discharge the Court Duty payable at that time. This can be done by any of the following methods; (a) Include a cheque covering the outlay; (b) arrange a Bank Transfer of the Court Duty or (c) Pay by Debit card.  For all accounts enquiries please contact Aylish Morrissey at

All essential/urgent work must be accompanied by a letter setting out the urgency or the date that the statute expires.

Practitioners should check the Courts Website for real-time information.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this unfortunate time.