Limerick Personal Injuries List, (Monday 13th February 2023 to Friday 24th February 2023)

There will be a Positive callover of all cases set down for the Limerick Personal Injuries List on Thursday the 19th January 2023 on a Hybrid basis at 9.30a.m before Mr Justice O’ Connor to fix dates for the Sittings commencing on the 13th February 2023. As this is a Positive callover, where there is no Appearance by either party the Notice of Trial will be

Struck Out. No applications for Consent adjournments will be taken by the Registrar.

Please see the full list here; Limerick Callover List

As noted in the Callover List Mr Justice O’ Connor requires any party attending to be fully briefed in the case and in a position to advise the Court of the required information. For this reason we will only be in a position to deal with the following applications at the Callover;

  • Attend on Counsel
  • Strike Out matters on Consent
  • Call matters on for hearing on Consent (for this application we will require to know the dates of compliance with Order 39 Rule 46)

If you require us to attend on Counsel or make an application on your behalf you should forward your instructions to reach us no later than 1.00pm on Tuesday the 17th January 2023. No instructions will be taken on the morning of the callover.

In keeping with previous Callovers of the Limerick List and as noted at the beginning of the Callover; adjournments, regardless of if they are on Consent, will not be granted without a compelling reason and will have the Notice of Trial Struck Out if the Judge does not deem the Adjournment justified.

If you have any queries in relation to the above please contact Jonathon Hanlon of our Office at