September Start

As the saying goes, as one door closes another one opens. The recent retirement of Joey Kirwan and Karen McDonnell has led to some changes here at Pearts Town Agents. Over the years you most likely came to rely on each of them for their friendly manner and ability to sort out even the most difficult of problems. We were sad to see them go, but are ever confident that the team who remain have their own amazing abilities and have the same strengths and professionalism to provide the services, on which you have come to rely and expect.

Their retirement provided a unique opportunity for Judith Cleary and Helen Hanlon to join John Byrne and Aylish Morrissey, both well-respected and long-serving representatives of the Firm, on the Senior Management Team. All four have the necessary experience and knowledge from their many years of dedication working with us. Helen and Judith willingly welcomed the expansion of their already busy roles, and are delighted to progress into more senior positions.

Judith Cleary


Judith, who worked alongside Karen in Probate, and in more recent years looking after Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Examinership matters, now manages town agency services in these departments herself.Helen Hanlon




Helen, with over 25 years of experience in every area of town agency services, now, with the assistance of a strong Court filings team, oversees this bustling area.

And Aylish, who is no stranger to hard work and whom you may know from our Accounts department, has agreed to take on the role of Office Manager.

They, and the rest of the team, of Legal Executives and Solicitors are here to provide all of the help and support that you need to get the best job done for your clients.

The world of legal services is changing fast. Even in the past 6 months, so much has changed. But we are committed to meeting the challenges that Covid 19 has presented and we are moving with the times!

We have enabled ourselves to attend virtual court hearings and are available should you need us in this regard. While nothing seems certain these days, at least we are confident that we are still here, with the right team in place to be able to help.

You know where we are if you need to contact us.