Galway Personal Injuries List Trinity Sittings (Monday 28th June 2021 to Friday 9th July 2021)

A positive callover of all High Court cases set down for Galway Personal Injuries up to and including Thursday 28th January 2021 (ending with list no 15569) will occur remotely on Tuesday 8th June 2021 before Mr. Justice O’Connor. Please see notice and list published by the Courts Service.

Please note that due to the complexity of information which the legal representative attending court must be able to confirm, we will not be in a position to move applications, other than striking out cases by consent.

You might please contact our Jessica Kelly at if you have any strike out applications, queries or require our attendance with counsel at the callover.

Dublin Metropolitan District: Notice Regarding Annual Licensing Dates 2021

  • General Exemptions, Pub Objections, Confirmations @11.00 a.m. –  Thurs. 30th September
  • Clubs @ 11:00 a.m. –  Mon. 4th October
  • Dance @ 11:00 a.m.  – Wednesday 6th October
  • Music & Singing @ 11.00am – Friday 8th October
  • Restaurants @ 2:00 p.m. – Friday 8th October
  • Applications to be lodged no later than Monday 6th September 2021 @ 12:30 P.M.
  • Adjournment dates 18th November & 9th December, 2021

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

The above notice is available to read on the Courts Service website here.

Notice RE: The High Court Civil Jury List to Fix Dates


The High Court Civil Jury List to Fix Dates will be held on Thursday 3rd June 2021 before Ms Justice Reynolds at 10.30 am by way of remote hearing.

Parties are advised to check the Courts Service website and the High Court legal diary (Jury List Section) for details on the jury list.

Enquiries to

This notice is available to read on the Courts Service Website here. 

Please contact us if you require any assistance.

Update Regarding Courts 8 & 23 of the Dublin District Court Civil

Please note the following update regarding Courts 8 & 23 of the Dublin District Court Civil:
Notice: Dublin Metropolitan District Court – Court 23 from 4th May 2021

All matters in Court 23 from the 4th May 2021 will proceed as listed.

Notice: Dublin Metropolitan District Court – Court 8 from 10th May 2021

Court 8, Ground Floor, Áras Uí Dhálaigh, Four Courts, Dublin 7: All matters in Court 8 listed between the 10th May 2021 to the 30th June 2021 inclusive are adjourned generally and parties will be advised of future listings in due course. The administrative office for Court 8 is strictly an appointment only service, Appointments can be made by emailing and a confirmation email with your appointment time be returned to you.

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NOTICE: High Court Business for Trinity Term 2021

Practitioners please note the important update which has been issued by Ms Justice Mary Irvine in relation to how the High Court expects to increase the type of work it will deal with between now and 31st July 2021.

Pearts staff are available and in a position to attend on any physical attendances, should you require us to do so.

This important notice is available to read in full on the Court Service Website here.